September 21, 2007

Fun blog Friday: name that sign

Posted in Friday at 11:46 am by Chris

Well, dear readers, the time has come for this blog to go interactive. And to kick things off, I’m looking for good interpretations of this sign, as posted by the Right Hon Harold Amis, esquire. Here’s the sign:

And here’s my best efforts:

1: If proverbial hits the fan, flee! Do not stop to collect, or attempt to carry, any bits and pieces of skeleton you may have in your possesion.

2: Arrr, avast ye! Here be pirates with spinning blades of death, arrrr!

Your turn. Yes, you. I know you’re reading this, I can see your little eyes moving. Pony up. Winner gets a coffee. If I live near you. And my undying admiration, if I don’t.


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