November 9, 2009

Iz like, ur guest authors

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:40 pm by Chris

The nice folks at Indie Travel Podcast have put up a short piece I wrote on catching the Overlander from Wellington to Auckland. Find it at Train travel New Zealand: the Overlander.



  1. Craig said,

    Hi Chris, thanks so much for the piece — as a commentator has already pointed out it’s well written and informative.

  2. yorksranter said,

    I spent one of those trips with a very sweet redheaded girl in 1999…

  3. Chris said,

    1999… you must have been paying in pounds then? That was when I was a student in Wellington, and my friends used to get the (now discontinued) overnight train because the daytime one was so expensive.

  4. yorksranter said,

    That was the overnight train (The Northerner IIRC); the only time I’ve been on a NIGHT train with an observation car!

  5. Chris said,

    How much use did the observation car get? Too late now, but if would be kinda cool to take lots of photos from the moving night train.

  6. yorksranter said,

    Other matters demanded my attention (see above), but I don’t recall anyone sitting in the semicircular lounge at the rear of the train. Mind you, at least when it left Wellington, it was a rainy and pretty grim night.

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