August 10, 2010

Tuesday roundup

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:20 pm by Chris

A few things that I don’t want to write a full blog post about.

Don’t blame the rocks: China Mieville on why all diamonds are blood diamonds.

Herd immunity continues to be a good idea: I’ve never understood why they only give Gardasil to girls. If the vaccine works, it should be administered to everyone who can transmit the virus: vaccines in general work much better that way. Now it turns out that HPV can cause throat cancer (details of its transmission are left as an exercise for the reader).  In both men and woman. So why not immunise everyone?

Finally: Monday next week I’m starting a lecturing position at Ecoquest International. I’m looking forward to it.



  1. Deborah said,

    Congratulations on the lecturing position. That looks like great fun.

  2. Chris said,

    Thanks, Deborah. Do I recall that you’re starting a teaching gig of your own soon?

  3. Sphen said,

    I won’t get too ranty on the immunity thing, but it seems to me that parents who deliberately don’t vaccinate their children should be liable for prosecution.

  4. Deborah said,

    I’m doing some teaching right now as an adjunct. During our time here, I’ve managed to lecture at all three universities in Adelaide, in three different faculties (Health, Business, Arts). I will have a permanent job when we move back to NZ at the end of the year. In an area where it had never occurred to me that I could teach, but it turns out that I have a perfectly good set of qualifications for it.

    I’m looking forward to having an office of my own.

  5. Chris said,

    I get to share an office at the new job, which suits me fine: I’m in danger of staring into space and generally distracting myself when I have an office all of my own. You’re being quite the international woman of mystery about this new position, I await with bated breath the occasion on which security clearances allow you to share the details with us plebs.

  6. Nippo said,

    I’m a little late to the party but congrats on the job mate!

  7. Chris said,

    The party doesn’t really get pumping until you arrive anyway, Dave.

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