March 15, 2015

The cyclone comes

Posted in Uncategorized at 1:04 pm by Chris

For the last two days a tiny but metronome-steady groundswell has been breaking across the mudflats of the lower Firth. Last night, a bank of cloud over Waiheke island glowed purple and orange long after the sun had set. This morning, the lower clouds came tearing across from the east while the high cloud raced across from the northwest. We don’t get easterly winds it our house tucked in against the hills of the Coromandel ranges, but every so often a southeast gust will sneak around to blow early leaves out of our poplar trees and scatter them across the rest of Tararu.

Out in the Firth, you can see the gusts touching down on the otherwise still-calm sea. The offshore breeze is making the tiny but continuous groundswell stand up and break in feathers of white water on the point. Since the sun rose, the low cloud has spread into a continuous layer of battleship grey and the sea is gradually darkening with wind out towards the open ocean. Our barometer has finally noticed what’s going on and is dropping by the hour. Tiny drops of rain fall and then vanish, and the air is humid. Pam is on her way.


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