About me

Chris Longson is an evolutionary biologist who most recently spent five years in Australia getting a PhD. He hastens to add the PhD itself didn’t take him five years. Since returning to New Zealand, he’s divided his time between taking photos, travelling these windswept shores, building skin-on-frame kayaks, and finding Indian and Thai restaurants around Auckland.


  1. The Raven said,

    I saw your note on my blog. Thanks! It’s not that there’s not stuff to write about or stuff going on. There’s tons of stuff. But it’s as I said–there’s nothing to affect. If Paul Krugman is having trouble making a difference, with a Nobel and an NYT column, who can?

  2. Whacksworks said,

    Hey Chris. I have no idea if you’re still active, but I just read a comparison between Aus and NZ which you wrote back in 2009. I’m a Kiwi, moved to Aus in 2005, worked each year up to 2013, was diagnosed with brain aneurysm, had surgery in 2014 and had a stroke with aphasia. I am now on DSP and get half of my income from NZ. You know, sometimes I wish I could move home – back to NZ – but I can’t save now. Chris, if you are still living in NZ, then STAY THERE! Aus is a dirty, rich (certainly not me) and sucky country presently under LNP. Penalty wages have been cut, wages haven’t increased, unemployment has increased, prices have increased, and people with mental illness are frowned on. I could name who I want to see in government, but perhaps I shouldn’t. Live forward, Chris. Don’t live backwards and stay in Aus. It’s not a good country.

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